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Climate Adaptation Task Force - Shared screen with speaker view
Jane Vourlekis (she/her)
Jane Vourlekis (she/her)
Documents for today’s meeting (also in your inboxes)!
Jill Sawyer
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Jane Vourlekis (she/her)
Agenda questions - what’s missing? Are there other people to include in subject areas? Are there preferred months for certain topics? Also in this document the format for the meetings is mentioned. Is this sufficient? Should we consider additional small group meetings for each system in order to identify possible gaps? These are some of the things to consider when you review this.
Jane Vourlekis (she/her)
Status & Strategies Document -Is there feedback about the overall format? Are there corrections and/or feedback from the groups who presented (City Fresh, OFH, OCS)?What are the gaps within the food system? Should we include individual level recommendations?
Jane Vourlekis (she/her)
We also thought about the college’s programming for the arts/community since many community members attend - that’s what I was forgetting.
Robert Hillard
Great meeting. I need to attend another meeting at 6:00P. I hope everyone has a great evening.
Nina Fisher (she/her)
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Rey Carrion
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