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Climate Adaptation Task Force - Shared screen with speaker view
Heather Adelman
Excellent presentation! Thank you!
Heather Adelman
another fantastic presentation! Thank both so much.
Thank you both for wonderful, informative presentations! I need to head out to another engagement
Linda Arbogast
from Margie: Great presentations! I'm sorry I had to cut out early! A couple of questions from the OCS perspective:is there a way to change the ERU charge to more accurately reflect the real amount of impervious surface on the lot? I understand that it is complicated; just thinking that 1. people who can only afford a small home can less easily afford additional costs, and with a small home they have less imperviousness than people who live in huge homes with large driveways etc. 2. it might incentivize people to consider other surfaces than concrete, etc.are there incentives to get people in Oberlin to plant rain gardens and other such water treatment/protection measures?this is unrelated to today's topic: how would we engage in a conversation to request that the City not conduct utility shut-offs on super hot days (such as yesterday)?