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CATF Meeting - Shared screen with speaker view
David Hill
“protected” needs to be changed to “projected” (first line)
Keely Davidson-Bennett (CRWP)
Central Lake Erie Basin Collective should be Central Lake Erie Basin Collaborative
Rey Carrion
system by system
Jane Vourlekis (she/her)
and I take notes every meeting
Keely Davidson-Bennett (CRWP)
Would we be discussing who would lead each topic group as part of this decision?
John Petersen (he)
We WANT to have to have excess stormwater, that can't infiltrate into the ground, coming off of houses going into the storm water drains. The problem is that it is going into the sanitary sewer system and overloading the wastewater treatment plant.
Jane Vourlekis (she/her)
Thanks John
Peter Crowley
My perspective as a food producer is collaborative action requires coordination with many of the participating organizations on CATF. as an example, building our local food system requires coordinated programs utilizing public and private land and educational resources to ensure the next generation of food producers will have opportunities to provide local food.
David Hill
Adding to Peter’s comment: the flip side of production is distribution. How to coordinate getting food from local producers to to community members who need/want it?
Liv Hanson
We're open to using OCS's new site as a cooling station as well!
Keely Davidson-Bennett (CRWP)
Is anyone familiar with Sustainable Cleveland? If so, do you think something similar would work in Oberlin as a way to bring both individuals and organizations about to talk about some of these topics in more detail?
Keely Davidson-Bennett (CRWP)
CRWP may be able to help landowners generate landscaping ideas that could reduce stormwater runoff
Rey Carrion
Kendal at Oberlin conducted a Master landscape Plan in 2020 that covers the areas discussed here. I can certainly share with this group.
Heather Adelman
Rey: I would love to see it if it is sharable. Thank you! hadelman@oberlin.edu
Heather Adelman
Keely: That would be amazing! Can you send me your contact information? hadelman@oberlin.edu
Rey Carrion
Will do.
Jill Sawyer
Keely - I’m interested in CRWP possibly helping with landscaping ideas for landowners. I’m reachable at saysjill@gmail.com